about chronyko At chronyko we are passionate about developing skills using the ancient
art of storytelling. Everything we do originates from stories, which we use
as the anchors for all of our skills development and training. Using innovative
approaches and our in-house developed technology we deliver immersive
group development events. These teach and exercise skills proven to be the
key to success in the modern workplace.
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Our team bring together a range of experiences, knowledge and
technology here at chronyko. As a result of this unique blend of
capabilities we are able to continue innovating and also to enable
a wider audience to benefit from our services. I encourage you
to learn more about our mission and to join in the conversations
about chronyko via our website, social media and in person.
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It’s been a privilege to introduce you to our business and to tell you our
story. We hope you like what you have seen and please get in contact if
you'd like to know more.
Martyn Ruks - Director chronyko logo