Join the team

As a growing business we are always looking to meet passionate people who could bring something new to our team. chronyko provides immersive training events for organisations who empower their employees to solve complex problems. Our mission is to teach and exercise key business skills through innovative methods. To achieve this our services use the central concept of storytelling to create immersion and engagement with the learning outcomes.

The business is dynamic and fast paced in a rapidly developing marketplace. Our team is focussed on working closely with our clients and continuing to enhance the benefits of our services to our clients. This is an exciting and rewarding environment to work in with clear measures of success in both the business and the role.

The current vacancies within the team are listed below. If you feel you are a good fit for the role please send your CV and covering letter using the email details for the relevant role below.

Junior DevOps Engineer

This role is for a Junior Engineer to work primarily on the design, development and delivery of technical infrastructure, puzzles and other training content. The primary duties of the role will be to support the effective delivery of the content for our immersive learning services. This will include working primarily in technical domains such as DevOps but will cover the breadth of chronyko’s services.

This role will initially be focused on activities that support the delivery of events and other training activities, but as the business grows it will provide the opportunity to engage in research and development activities such puzzle and game design. It is specifically designed to support the continued growth of the business. The specific tasks and responsibilities for the role will be driven by the operating environment in the business; however, are expected to cover the following broad areas:

  • Designing and developing systems and processes for effective operation of IT systems and resources across the business.
  • Operation and management of IT infrastructure used as part of chronyko’s services and its internal operations.
  • Building, testing and maintaining the IT infrastructure deployed at chronyko’s events.
  • Taking responsibility for continuous improvement of the company’s DevOps processes.
  • Researching new tools and technologies for use both within the business and our training content.
  • Designing and developing puzzle and game content for delivery at chronyko’s events.
  • Building proof of concepts for new puzzle and training content, including new learning and development environments.
  • Working alongside the operational team to successfully deliver immersive learning events for chronyko’s client base.

Operations Manager

The primary duties of the Operations Manager will be to ensure effective operation of the business, especially relating to the services delivered to our clients. This will include having responsibility for all operational aspects of the business reporting to the Managing Director.

This role will initially be focused on the execution of events and other training activities delivered by the business, but as the company grows the role will have responsibility over all operations within the business. It is specifically designed to support the growth of the business. The specific tasks and responsibilities for the role will be driven by the operating environment in the business; however, are expected to cover the following broad areas:

  • Supporting commercial opportunities through the development of strong working relationships with clients, prospects and partners.
  • Researching the immersive training marketplace, ensuring chronyko’s services remain aligned to the needs of the market and are relevant to our clients and prospects.
  • Conducting research and analysis of the competitive landscape, market opportunities and business funding.
  • Liaising with strategic business partners and sub-contractors to support the delivery of client events and manage new business opportunities.
  • Supporting financial planning and modelling to ensure accurate forecasting and budgeting.
  • Ensuring strategic businesses objectives are defined, communicated and executed.
  • Supporting the definition and execution of effective corporate governance.
  • Performing effective project management for all business initiatives. As the business grows these responsibilities will be delegated to additional members of the team.
  • Recruitment activities to support the continued growth of the business.
  • Ensuring effective R&D, planning and delivery of chronyko’s events and services, including the development of scalable and repeatable processes for all aspects of business operations.
  • Researching and developing new puzzles and challenges for chronyko events.