HackFu is an award winning immersive learning event that has been running annually for over 10 years. HackFu: Community Edition is an exciting new version of the event open to the wider cybersecurity industry. Accessed remotely from anywhere in the world it brings together up to 100 people from a variety of backgrounds and roles to learn, share knowledge and make new contacts.

At the event you are transported to an immersive world with a compelling mission of the utmost importance. To complete your mission you will need to work with the other participants to complete a range of challenges and activities that will test everything from your cybersecurity skills to your teamwork.

Participants each receive an event pack in the post containing items essential to their mission. They will also be provided with access to exclusive pre-event activities to learn more about their mission and the world they will be entering.

The first event ran from 09:00 to 17:30 GMT on the 29th January 2021 and was primarily be accessed via web conferencing software and a browser. However, other cybersecurity software and tools (eg a VPN client) were required to access and complete the technical challenges.

Sign-up for the 2021 event has unfortunately now closed. But please get in contact to find out about future events!
HackFu Community Edition


Dradis Framework


  • Exercise a range of cybersecurity skills and techniques.
  • Develop and exercise key business skills including creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking.
  • Work alongside and learn from other cybersecurity professionals.
  • Solve complex problems and overcome challenges in a safe space for learning.
  • Immerse yourself in an exciting learning environment from anywhere in the world.
  • Experience immersive learning in a cybersecurity training context.

HackFu Archive

HackFu Archive

CLICK HERE to discover our archive of movies from previous HackFu events.

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