game changers 2018

game changers 2018

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“As the cast of actors took their curtain call the assembled participants showed their appreciation for their performance over the course of the 48 hour long event. The cast would now be stepping out of their characters and back into their own lives but but the experiences of those who had taken part would live long beyond the moment and would help inform business thinking and decision making in a unique manner.“

For the chronyko team the ability to draw on the specialist talents of actors is one of the keys to the successful delivery of our events. But that is equally true of the theatrical production team, game designers, video producers and a wealth of other people who were involved during its 12 month development cycle. In executing the event to the standard we expect each one of those people needs to be at the top of their field. But how is it possible to find the right people for these roles?

Lots of things can determine the success of a business in the tech industry - particularly in the Thames Valley where some of the largest heavyweights of the tech industry also operate. One key factor is the level of innovation you can achieve in your target markets, which is key to demonstrating why your business is  different to its competitors. In our case it’s even harder than that as the “immersive learning” services we deliver are a new component of the Learning and Development marketplace. So we also need to educate the market about what immersive learning is and more importantly its benefits.

When faced with an increasingly competitive talent pool, especially for tech roles it’s difficult to build the team we need in one step. So a key strategy for us, and many businesses like us, is finding a network of talented people and organisations who can deliver us the specialist capability we need. Not only is that capability needed within our business but ultimately by our clients through the services we deliver.

Solving this challenge has been one of our key focuses in recent years and the efforts of our team have delivered results that have helped us to grow our business and our portfolio of services. But with even bigger ambitions to grow our business and support our clients internationally we know we need to continually build our pool of trusted business partners and potential recruits. That also leads the challenge of when to recruit internally and when to work with a partner, but that’s a topic for another article.

The Thames Valley Game Changers apply the same approach to nurturing businesses in the Thames Valley. They identify key players who have the ideas, ambitions and ability to create change within the technology industry. They then build a network to link them together, because like us, they realise that when you have a strong network of talented specialists, your business can really start to achieve amazing outcomes for your clients.

chronyko is extremely proud be one of the companies on the #50changers 2018 shortlist. More than anything else we are looking forward to learning about the talents of the other brilliantly innovative companies on the list, as in our mind - that could lead to 49 new project collaborators, the spark that leads to a new service to offer our client base, the contact that refers us our next bright recruit or even a new client to deliver immersive training to. Maybe the next curtain call will be for them ...