We use our proven methodology to create tailored immersive learning experiences for your team. These are developed around the specific learning and development needs of your business and can take the form of an event, game or other activity. All you need to understand are the key event parameters, such as when and where you would like your experience and how many people will be taking part. We can work with groups of any size and any age and the experiences can be designed to fit with your budget, timescales and outcomes. On this page you'll learn more about our methodology and can find case studies of previous experiences we've run for our clients.  

We will work with you to define learning objectives for your team’s experience that address your business's priorities as well as challenges it is currently facing. You can work with us closely to create your own narrative and specialist content or leave it to us to create it. Either way you'll remain in control of the outcomes that your experience will deliver.

Each of our learning experiences is built around a storyline that is designed to engage the participants. Each narrative is written to align with the chosen theme, some of the concepts we have used at previous events can be seen below.

Using the concept of backwards design it is then possible to identify puzzles, challenges and activities as content for the event or experience. You can select from our extensive library of puzzles or commission your own. You can find examples below or alternatively you can see some of the extensive range of puzzles and activities we've used in the past in our puzzle gallery.

In designing and developing each of our learning experiences we use the following five stage process to create a delivery plan for your experience. 

  • Event Parameters

    Decide where and when your event will be and how many people will be attending.

  • Learning Objectives

    Define the learning objectives you’d like to realise through your experience.

  • Storyline

    Work with us to write your own story or select one of our pre-written narratives.

  • Puzzles, Challenges and Activities

    Choose from our extensive library of puzzles, challenges and activities or even commission your own.

  • Delivery Plan

    We’ll then combine all these elements into an immersive learning experience for your team.

Case Studies

All of our events and experiences are designed around your specific learing outcomes, but you can find out more about some of our previous events in these case studies. Click the links in each one for a more detailed break down of the experience and its learning outcomes.


Our ENIGMA events are the ultimate immersive training experiences for your team. They are custom built around complex and interlinked learning outcomes that create a safe space for key business skills to be developed and exercised. Combining theatrics, characters, technology and a variety of puzzles and challenges they engage, entertain and educate in equal measures.


Our HackFu events are the ultimate test in the field of cybersecurity. They teach and test industry leading skills and allow collaboration between everyone from industry leaders to new recruits. They support company growth facilitating everything from the identification of emerging leaders to recruitment and increased collaboration between global teams.

Project CERTES

Our Project CERTES activity is designed to be run for groups of up to 60 players at a time. Its primary objective is to inspire people from diverse backgrounds to explore and learn more about an unfamiliar topic. It also highlights the benefits of team working across a competitive industry and focusses on developing problem solving skills in a fun and engaging way.


Our action packed collaborative strategy game SCOOT3 can be played by 6-20 players. It is designed to form close bonds within a small team, encouraging them to develop and exercise key business skills. The game includes elements of planning, strategic decision making and allows the results of the decisions to be played out through a fun and immersive computer game.


Our Robotacular events are a fun yet competitive experience for all those taking part. A number of small teams get to design, build and then battle their own robot in the fighting arena. The experience tests collaboration within teams, leadership, strategy and skill. This results in a thrilling finale to the event as the teams fight it out in the arena to earn the winner's crown.