Case Study: ENIGMA

Our ENIGMA events are the ultimate in immersive training experiences for your team. Combining theatrics, characters, technology and a variety of puzzles and challenges they engage, entertain and educate in equal measures. Each event is centred around an engaging and entertaining narrative that is designed to engage the participants in the experience. The participants then work together in teams to solve puzzles, challenges and complete activities that are designed to deliver the learning outcomes of most relevance to your business.

The learning outcomes for each event are derived from the key challenges that your business is facing. The event provides a safe space for key business skills in areas such as collaboration, critical thinking and communication to be developed and exercised. The puzzles and challenges stimulate innovative approaches to problem solving and allow the identification of new approaches that can be applied back in the business environment.

The core of our mission is to deliver excellence in learning and development and our ENIGMA events are derived from the success of HackFu. External validation of these aspects of our events can be seen through the awards our approach has won in recent years. The outcomes of the event will therefore directly enhance the performance of the team and positively impact your business.

Key Facts

Participants: 100-150

Duration: 48 hours

Ages: 18 and up

Venue: International hotels and unique locations

Learning Outcomes: Increased confidence in new and complex scenarios, stronger working relationships, positive shared experiences of overcoming real-world problems, technical problem solving, demonstrating pioneering industry leadership, confidence in self-directed learning.

ENIGMA Gallery

Check out the full photo gallery for all the action from our ENIGMA events!


We use our proven methodology to create tailored immersive learning experiences for your team. These experiences are developed around the specific learning and development needs of your business.  We can work with groups of any size and the experiences can be designed to fit with your budget, timescales and requirements. Find out more about our methodology and approach and browse our case studies.


Our Robotacular events are a fun yet competitive experience for all those taking part. A number of small teams get to design, build and then battle their own robot in the fighting arena. The experience tests collaboration within teams, leadership, strategy and skill. This results in a thrilling finale to the event as the teams fight it out in the arena to earn the winner's crown. You can read more about it in our case study.


Our HackFu events are the ultimate test in the field of cybersecurity. They teach and test industry leading skills and allow collaboration between everyone from industry leaders to new recruits. They support company growth facilitating everything from the identification of emerging leaders to recruitment and increased collaboration between global teams. You can read more about it in our case study.